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    SkyPvP Drop Event

    Hello zockers!

    On sunday the 2nd of August 2020 at 8pm GTM+2 we will start a new SkyPvP drop event!

    You should prepare your chests and inventories for this awesome drop party event. Not only do we have loads of great items, but we also have some interesting challenges ready so you can all have even more fun! So definitely drop by and come get some awesome loot!


    To get to the drop event you have to join SkyPvP first and then do /warp event

    Each of you will have opportunities to

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    Hey Zockers,

    after multiple requests of players and staff we’ve started an voting within the team regarding a Discord-Server. Today we’ve ended that voting and came to the obvious result that a Discord-Server is wanted and should be added.

    As soon as we came to this conclusion we’ve started creating and developing our very own and official Discord-Server.


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    Open Beta

    Hello Zockers,

    we are succesfully running our closed beta and now want to give everyone the chance to join in and help by testing the new update...