Recommended Happy Easter - Easter Madness

Happy Easter, Zocker!

we would like to take this opportunity to give you easter gifts and a chance to win the beloved and exclusive [Cake] Rank!

1. Everyone can pick up a free cookie rank! Just enter the lobby, talk to the Easter Bunny and recieve a free Rank! (until April 3rd 11:59pm)

2. Enter the Contest described below and win the [Cake] Rank!

3. We will have Discounts in the Shop: 5% on Cakes, 15% on Ranks! and 20% on Perks (until April 8th 11:59pm)

To win the [Cake] Rank:

Join creative or Skyblock and build something related to easter. Send 1 Picture including the coordinates (press f3) to FlareMeOn, SwordFishXI or ChanTeo.

It will get evaluated and the best 3 Builds will be rewarded with the following:

1st: - 30 Days of Cake Rank + 3 Rare Cakes

2nd: - 30 Days of Biscuit Rank + 2 Epic Cakes

3rd: - 14 Days of Pie Rank

This Contest Ends on April 30th

  • ?
  • The results aren't out still, are they?
    • no they aren't. Im waiting for our Architects to tell me who won :D.
  • hello rank
  • Can we like transform our previous builds? And when will it end because Im not home today and tomorow...?
    • Is anyone going to reply...? There are many persons online at the moment...
    • Of you can submitt previous builds.