Recommended Open Beta

Hello Zockers,

we are succesfully running our closed beta and now want to give everyone the chance to join in and help by testing the new update.

We heavily rely on your feedback and suggestions to make Zocker a better place to enjoy minecraft. Use this chance to get involved into the

process of creating a new experience for all Zockers.

From now on everyone is free to join our open beta on The Open-Beta will run for a couple of days until we gathered enough data

suggestions and ideas to finalize the update of for Minecraftzocker.

What are you waiting for? Beta-Discussions


The Betaserver does not represent the final update, everything there is subject to change. Dont request something to be added there instead use the forums to post and share improvements

and suggestions.



  • How can i enter to the Beta tests?
  • ludii i would like to talk
  • welcome to beta Zocker
  • i would like to help with testing