Recommended Event: Easter Hunt

Hello all zockers!

Get your baskets, because an adventure awaits!

This year we are going to have a new version of our popular egg hunt event. We created a brand new map specially made for this. The Easter bunny didn't hold back, and hide a lot of eggs. It's up to you to find them all!

The Easter event start at April 18th 20:00 UTC +1.

10 minutes before, we turn of the whitelist and you have 15 minutes to join the waiting room. At 20:05 the gates open. Then you will be released and you can search for as many eggs as possible.
The event takes about 2 hours. Plenty of time! The whitelist remains off, you may relog, or get your friends over!

How does it work?

You get into the map where countless eggs are hidden. They are hidden everywhere; under bushes, stones, in the water, on a flower and maybe in the tallest tree you can find. If you manage to find them all, a nice reward awaits you.
You have to think out of the box to find all the eggs. We'll give you a difficult, but nice challenge! Don't be sad if you don't get anything, there's plenty coming! Stay tuned, and enjoy what you're doing!

The rules:

  1. Don't use any hacked clients or other cheats
  2. Be fair to other zocker
  3. Don't spoiler the egg locations
  4. And as always, our main rules /mz help rules

Big thanks to Endise and MrsToxic for making this great map!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

The Event Managers,

IceHorror and Fedenepi