Recommended Spleef Event 2

Hello Zocker's!

Due to the amount of positive reactions on the first spleef event, we will arange another one!
Get your shovel's ready! Because there will be a fight, only one can be the true spleef-god of MinecraftZocker!
The Event will be held on: 30 November 2019 / 19:00 (UTC+1)

Please follow our rules:

  • general server rules such as: don't hack, don't spam, don't flood the chat, don't insult, etc..
  • stay in the lobby until staffs say that you are free to leave.
  • follow staffs' directions.
  • don't escape the map or the void will await you
  • don't leave the event before the end or you won't be able to come back
  • don't abuse of any bug
  • don't destroy anything.

How it works:
All players will spawn on an arena of 4 layers. Every player has their own shovel to spleef the block under a person. If a person falls down, he/she goes to the next layer. Once you reach the lowest layer, you'll come face to face with a lava pit, you've lost..
The goal: Be the last man standing on any layer = Winner of the round!

There will be 10 rounds.

Every round has 3 winners:
1st winner: 1 day Cake rank + 1 Epic Cake
2nd winner: 2 days Pie rank + 1 Epic Cake
3rd winner: 2 Epic Cakes

The rewards STACK, that means: If you win 3 times, 1st place: Reward = 3 days Cake rank + 6 Epic Cake's.
Hope everything is clear, questions can be send to @IceHorror

I'd love to see you numerous at the event! May the best win all rounds!
Good luck Zocker's!

Update: The map is done.

Here's a spoiler!
This map is the first map (that I know) which has a spectate room!



Untill then!

It was an amazing event! :D Hope you all had an amazing time.

Winners (with their prices):

dadulahBG : 2 days Cake + 1 epic Cake
Maykeh: 2 day Cake + 1 epic cake
Ryact: 1 day Cake + 3 epic cakes
Z4nk0: 1 day Pie + 1 epic cake
FunkyCrush: 2 epic cakes
Asav1409: 2 epic cakes
tsrock5000: 2 epic cakes
Jillie_: 1 day pie + 3 epic cakes

Ludi will give you your rewards asap! Thanks for participating.