Recommended It's Halloween time!

It's Halloween Time!

Once a year it's time to buckle up and tremble.

SkyPvP Map

Our Build-Team has not spared any efforts to let you experience the best our SkyPvP has to offer.

This year we have a completely new Map for you to fight on and to let your enemys tremble in fear.


You all have been requesting it, all of you have desperately tried to make us implement clans.

And guess what, we have come up with a completely custom and unique clan-system just for you!

You will be able to upgrade your clan, fight for your clan and ultimately level your clan up.

You might think its just ordinary clans but clans on MZ are global and you will have to gather all your friends

from every gamemode to fight, build and collect.

It will not be easy! Do you have what it takes to stand above all?

Halloween exclusive Pet!

Yes you've heard right. You will be able to purchase an exclusive pet which might not be obtainable

again. Don't miss out on this chance!


We have prepared a huge discount for you to stack up for the new
features that are about to leave Zockers forge. Make sure to check out the shop!

The Halloween update will hit MinecraftZocker on the 26th of october!

And will be avaiable until 10th of november!

Make sure to tell your friends to gain the lead right from the start


MZ Serverteam

  • Btw the sale and also the possibility to buy the Headless Horseman has run out.
    Thanks to everyoen who contributed by utilizing the sale.

    Looking forward to see pictures with the pet in Speakers Corner!
    • everyoen

      BTW was about to buy it after sum days but ok :(
  • Huge thanks to Builder Team for the new map!
  • It is time to show the world the power of Klofanija YEET
    • What is klofanija, a some type of a laundry detergent?
    • Some type of deadly virus which is unbeatable :3
    • *turns off pc*