Hunger Games Event

Hey-ho Zockers!

Prepare your swords, rods and bows because survival is key! On Saturday 12th October you will be fighting for yourself on the Hunger Games Event!

We have prepared a special dangerous map for you all to find out who is the strongest and the luckiest! Prepare to seek on all places to find free loot with which you will battle until the very zero hearts in your health bar! But don't let your guard down because the Game-makers have put many traps and trickery into the battlefield that will get you dead before you even blink! However, the last couple of survivors will not see mercy either. The last ones standing will fight in the deathmatch arena, and the winner gets a mighty reward!

Where is your hesitation to become the official number 1 in surviving? It's the time for you to show off what you got this weekend and enjoy the greatness!

Here's some information about the event:

- the whitelist of /server event will be opened at 6:00 pm (UTC+1) and you'll get to join by typing the highlighted command;

- we will wait for everyone to join for at least 15 minutes, and then the event can start;

- you will spawn in the centre of the map and then you're off to yourself!

Please mind following these rules in order for everyone to have a good time playing the event:

- do not cheat

- do not hack

- do not spam

- do not flood

- do not insult

- do not abuse bugs

- do not use multiple accounts

- do not escape the map (it will result in death)

- follow instructions of our Staffs

Rewards for the last 3 survivors:

- 1st: 1 day Cake rank

- 2nd: 3 Epic cakes

- 3rd: 1 Epic cake

There will be several rounds!

That's all to be said! Thank you for participating and take advantage of this week in order to improve your PvP skills to the maximum!

  • Thank you everyone who was participating! I hope you all like it!