Recommended An Introduction to Zockerfriends!

Hello there Zockers!

all of you who have joined today might have already been able to experience our

newest addition to Zocker:


We know all of you already are playing with your friends on Zocker and to support

your gameplay with them we added some features.

To get you started you can use

/mz and navigate to friend help"

/mz help friend to open the page directly

or just /friends.

Current Features:

  • add/remove friends
  • Join friends, click on a friend to join his/her gamemode
  • Notifications: Get notified if a friend joins the network, joins YOUR gamemode or leaves the network
  • Friendchat: Send a message to all your friends.
  • Rock Paper Scissors! Can you beat your friends?
  • Information: In which gamemode is your friend? is he/she online? since when are you frinds? and when has he/she been seen last?
  • more to come!


Q: How do i add a friend?

A: Simple, use /friend add <name>

Q: Can i decline a friend-request?

A: Yes you can: Click on "deny" once you received a request

Q: Can i add Friends that are offline?

A: No. To avoid spamming of unwanted requests you are only able to invite friends that are online. No big deal right? You are playing with your friends anyways.

Q:Can i disable requests?

A: Absolutely, use "/friend set request" to disable requests. You can also enable/disable other features, like Join-Notifications, friendchat and RockPaperScissors

Q: Is there a Limit on how many Friends i can have?

A: Yes, the current limit is 8. Future updates will make it possible to unlock upgrades.

Q: Can i suggest improvements?

A: Yes! we much appreciate every feedback we can get. Though search the forums first to check if a suggestion has been made before.

Q: ?

A: Let us know about any further questions you have!

As always, with best regards and thanks for playing with us

The MZ Team!

(Thanks to everyone who helped sugegsting and testing)