Recommended MZ2018: Upcoming rank changes

Hello Zockers!

We want to give you another inside in the development of the MZ2018 update.

First of all we want to thank you for the feedback and suggestions for the comming updates and we are glad that you guys like our new forums.

As most of you know we will have a hard-reset on MZ that means all progress will be deleted. This has a lot of reason and even tho we don't want to

delete all of your progress we have to.

However you will not loose the ranks you got from cakes or from donating, although there will be changes for the ranks.

Here is a quick overview:

[Premium] will change to [Cookie]:

Your rank will transfer and the rewards will change a bit. SkyPvP will stay unchanged, the other gamemodes will have customized rewards.

[VIP] will change to [Biscuit]:

Same as above, will be transfered. Perks will change a little to ensure a fair gameplay.

[Biscuit] will change to [Pie]:

Rank will transfer aswell. We want to reward people for voting and this rank will be obtainable only from Cakes (every cake!)

In addition there will be a rank which cant be bought or recieved by cakes. It can only be obtained by winning events or simmiliar.


ludgart, ChanTeo and the server team.