MZ Event: Storm Area 51

Hello Zockers!

Red alert! This is not a drill! We are going to join the legions that will storm Area 51 on Friday 20th of September!
This endeavour isn't for weaklings, if you join us, you do it being aware of what you risk. It will be hard, I won't lie to you guys, but it must be done... for many valid reasons! We will
rescue those not economically poor aliens, free them from their captivity and pet their bald heads (unless they've discovered the existence of hair lotions). If you don't feel the American duty of bringing democracy along with a quite strong sense of unlimited freedom everywhere by militarily visiting others, don't leave: you will also have the possibility of getting a more concrete reward for successfully storming Area 51. You may adopt an alien brother and live with him, or enjoy pure destructive power with an alien plasma flamethrower and revive our fallen comrades with an alien medic resuscitating device, or hijack an UFO and crash onto the White House to yeet Trump.. don't worry, they won't sue you for that: Americans are used to alien invasions that destroy their cities. Whatever you seek, a reward is granted in any case: 100% illogical fun. Son! Get ready, bring your waterguns and prepare to go down in history!

Now back to
serious stuff...
this is the plan boys: you will be deployed basing on your class.
Kyles will watch our back until we get in the storming zone, once you are there use the Monster Energy Buff and naruto-run rush to Area 51 like if there wasn't a tomorrow. Annihilate whatever gets into your way (just not our mates, thank you).
Anti-vax kids will naruto-run to the frontlines, shielding the rest of our army from enemy bullets. If they die because of a cold, grab them up and shield yourself.
Mercenaries, armed to the teeth, will be kept in the rearguard and make a very large naruto-run curve to surround the Area 51 guards, but most importantly to keep their knives and rifles far from us.
Naruto runners are our masters, they will teach us the ultimate technique to naruto-run towards the guards, dodging their bullets and finally bump into them at 300.000 km/h.
Karens will advance once the field is clear and get the Area 51 doors open for all of us, threatening the porters to talk to their managers, getting where the aliens are kept.
Crack heads have no orders, just be yourselves and the outcome will be destructive enough to lead us to victory.
Rock throwers will be our siege artillery, don't go hug the guards please, we need you to make it rain hell on them, just watch out for Jesus guards.
Furries will be our K-9 units and scare the shet out of any guard pointed by them.
The rest of the staff will wait for the massacre to end and finally sneak in safety to the aliens cages, collecting our well-deserved alien prizes.

rules are simple:

-do not cheat

-do not hack

-do not spam

-do not flood

-do not abuse of bugs

-do not multiaccount

-do not insult

-do not place blocks

-do not craft

-do not escape the map

-do not destroy the map

-do not hurt your own teammates

-do not steal others' alien stuff

-do not steal Kyles' Monster drinks (that's at your own risk)

-follow Staffs instructions

That's all! We will wait for you the
20th of September, in Nevada, US, at 5:00 am (local hour), at 10 km east from Area51. We will attack at the dawn.
Son of
Zocker, this is our time to shine and open a new chapter in human-alien history.
Good luck
Zocker, they can't stop us all!

  • Hmm, Thought tho it was today - as i said i'd come to visit you today.
  • there is someone missing from the Area51 raid the one who should lead them all Keeanu Reeves
    • I will contact him to lead our army towards victory!
  • The Attack plan is not well thought out tho:

    Keep the Rock Throwers and Armed people at the back
    let karens, furries and anti-vax kids soak the bullets.
    no clue what naruto runs are but let them charge in right after the above.

    Use the Berserking kyles to flank one side and the crackheads for the other,
    oh and "the rest of us" will die immideiately as charging in from an unharmed side of a military facility is kinda dumb.
    You've got better chances takign a spoon and digging through the ground.

    Tho, nice event, natural selection at its finest. Stay tuned for updates on this one!
    • Couldn't plan the attack, we'll just join the mass.
      "Natural selection" lol
  • Thats by far the best Event the Server has seen, hehe xd
  • Also can i use my alt as well like a second life ?
    • Yeah sure, so that I'll enjoy banning you for multiaccounting.
  • I like Karens.
    • I'll join the Kyles. I might like some primal bruality in action. You know, to wake up the inner instincts, it's all good.
  • Fed, you drunk again?

    Btw good luck. Don't have money to help ya there.
    • I'll give you some for the ticket. I'll get refunded with all the alien stuff inside.
  • I'll use the crack head's option
  • RedForce already stormed Area 51 back in 2014 but instead of the aliens we only found a pool filled with money and ludi swimming in it...
    • Well, that's included in the alien pocket 2019 indeed.
    • That's a hoax, ludiii can't swim and the money pool to deep.
  • epic