MZ Event: Parkour

Hello Zockers!

A new event is coming this weekend, it will be the MZ Event: Parkour! Here! Saturday 20th of July! At 5:00 pm (UTC+1)!
Test your parkour skills on the field! We have prepared
9 maps for you to show us your incredible agility, velocity and experience amongst the others! Ready your feet, because the farther you go, the harder it will get! There will be easy levels, but also hard ones, so be sure you right click on the checkpoints (bed) that will be available for the hardest maps! Once you complete a level, you can skip to the next map with a warp switch that will be at the end of every level! Don't look down nor behind, because the other participants will be right after you and there's no place for hesitation! Zocker, this weekend will be your time to shine amongst the others and claim your rightful first place as master of parkour!

Your ability will be recognised by a huge reward:

1st place: 5 days Cake rank and 3 Epic Cakes

2nd place:3 days Cake rank and 2 Epic Cakes
3rd place: 1 day Cake rank and 1 Epic Cake

information about how the event will be:
/server event will open at 5:00 pm (UTC+1) and players will be able to join it by typing the previously mentioned command;

-we will wait for at least 10 minutes in order to let people join before starting the event;

-when enough people has joined the event, we start and players can play on the first map;

-once the first 3 players have completed the last level, the event ends and players will be free to leave with the /lobby command.

Please follow these rules in order to have a good time playing the event:

-do not cheat

-do not hack

-do not spam

-do not flood

-do not abuse of bugs

-do not multiaccount

-do not insult

-do not place blocks

-do not craft

-do not escape the map

-do not destroy the map

-follow Staffs instructions

That's all! Thank you for participating and remember to ask a Staff if you need help, just avoid spamming questions.
So see you this weekend, take advantage of these days to practise your parkour skills!
Good luck

    1 Rare Cake per Easy Parkour completed
    1 Epic Cake per Hard Parkour completed
    1st, 2nd and 3rd places will receive Cake Rank (by completing the final parkour).
  • love this
  • So sad and unlucky, because only in this weekend i won't be able to play.
    • Cancel your appointments and get in nub.
    • It's so cooool! You better join and enjoy the maps ^^
    • Can't. Vacation with family.
    • Ahhh, you'll have fun anyway