MZ Event: Eggs hunt | Updated

Were you looking for some epic prize in mystery cakes but got no luck? Don't worry! Now you have your chance to get incredible stuff! The MZ Egg Hunt Event will be your chance to claim epic prizes! We will host it on Saturday, May 18th, 6:00 pm (UTC+1)!

The event will be a hunt to find many rich MZ eggs, which are hidden throughout the map and can be picked up by a player. Every egg will contain a unique big reward, it might be a rank, or a cake.. who knows? It's up to you to find it out! But be advised: you have only 30 minutes to find all the eggs, then be sure to do so, because every egg left back is a lost opportunity!

Now, here's how the event will work!

1) the /server event will be opened, players will join the map lobby at 6:00 pm (UTC+1).

2) players will wait until 6:10 pm (UTC+1) to let people join, but after that time the /server event will no longer be accessible! So be sure you don't leave while you are playing, or you are out!

3) once the waiting time has expired, the map lobby doors open and players are free to run out and seek as many eggs as possible!

4) after the 30 minutes have passed, all the players come back to lobby and are free to leave the game by writing /lobby, to finally enjoy their well-deserved prizes!

But be sure you follow the rules in order to show respect to your mates and let everybody have an enjoyable time:

-general server rules such as: don't hack, don't spam, don't flood the chat, don't insult, etc..

-stay in the lobby until staffs say that you are free to leave.

-follow staffs' directions.

-don't escape the map or the void will await you!

-don't leave the event before the end or you won't be able to come back!

-don't abuse of any bug.

-don't destroy anything.

Finally, remember that if you need any help, you can always call the /staffs !

That's all, good luck Zocker and find'em all!

See you this Saturday 18/5 at 6:00 pm (UTC+1)!


Thank you for participating.

Top 10 players on the eggs hunt event:


Congratulations to all winners!

We see you next time!

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