MZ Event: Siege of Ba Sing Se

Dear Zockers!

We announce that a new event will be soon hosted on our server: Siege of Ba Sing Se!

We have planned to play it for [DELAYED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] on our /server event!

The event will take place in the Avatar realm, players will have superpowers to fight each other and, why not, some healthy total destruction of the surroundings. The event will have 2 matches, players will be divided into 2 teams with different roles: attackers and defenders. The attackers will have to destroy a portal (by damaging its andesite pillars with a power or hand), inside a chamber at the centre of the mighty Earth city of Ba Sing Se from the animated series, as fast as they can. Once they've achieved their goal, the teams will change roles and play the second match. The team that destroys the portal in less time wins. Teams will be definitive, it won't be possible to switch sides (that's only for Italian VIP).

Here's how the event will start:
5:00 p.m. (UTC+1): /server event is open.

5:10 p.m. (UTC+1): /server event is closed.

5:11 p.m. (UTC+1): team making.

5:20 p.m. (UTC+1): first match.

As soon as the first match is over, everybody will regroup to be ready for the second match.

Once the second match is over, everybody can leave and the winners will receive their prize later.
We ask you to follow some simple rules:
-don't insult

-don't spam the chat

-don't hack

-don't multiaccount

-don't act against your own team in any way

-don't fix the portal

-don't go close to the map edge (you might glitch)

-don't crash the game

The member of the winning team will all receive 2 EPIC CAKES!

Finally, here you have some quick instructions about how to play with the Avatar gamemode:
Use /b to see all the commands,

use /b choose (fire/water/earth/air/chi) to get an element (warning: you will be able to have only 1 element and won't have the possibility to change it!), ranked players can use /b add all,

use /b d (your element) to see all the powers you can have,

use /b h (power name) to see how a power works,

use /b b (power) (1-9) to put a power in a slot or to replace an already existing one.

That's all! Hope to see you join numerous and enjoy the event! It's time to discover Avatar :D
Good luck Zockers!

  • Fedenepi_ Whats the time in UTC+ 17:00h
    So that i can come
    • Hello!
      The event is delayed until further notice!
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: The event has been delayed to the 4th of May!
    • Edit: Delayed until further notice!