MZ Event: Spleef

Hello Zockers!

We announce that there's a new event incoming: Spleef!

It will take place the 9th of March at 17:00 (UTC+1) on our server, be sure to join, so sign the date!

Players will be given special shovels and will have to dig as much terrain as possible in order to make their opponents fall down!

There will be 10 matches and the winner of each match will receive 1 EPIC CAKE! And yeah, if you are good enough and win more than once, the prize is cumulative!

This is how the event will be carried out:

-17:00 (UTC+1) the event will be opened and players will be able to join.

-17:10 (UTC+1) the event access will be closed. Be sure you join in time!

-within 17:15 (UTC+1) the event starts!

After the event has started, there will be 10 matches in sequence.


well, always the general conventions guys! Don't be rude, don't spam, don't insult or hack.

Call the staffs if you win a match so that we will make sure you receive the prize! Also call us for any help or information!

That's all, hope to see you numerous at the event and may the best win all the matches :D

Good luck Zockers!