MZ Event: True or False?

Hello zockers!

We're glad to announce a new event that will take place on the 15th of December at 18:00 (UTC+1)!!
The event is: "True or False?" You will be asked several questions about various aspects of MinecraftZocker, you will be able to answer by joining either the "True" room or the "False" room.
This event will surely give an advantage to the MZ veterans and will let us discover who of you is a true Zocker! The more you know, the higher the chances you have to win!
The 3 players who have correctly answered most of the questions will be given a reward!
The rewards are:

-1st place: 3 days CAKE RANK

-2nd place: 3 days PIE RANK

-3rd place: 2 EPIC CAKES.

In case of a tie, the players will be asked particularly difficult questions to decide the winner.

That's all, get ready and let's see at the event!!!

P.S: any news will be published on the comments section below.

Good luck commander.