Event: Tower defense

Hello players!

We are glad to announce you that a new event has been organised and will be host the 25th November!
The event will be Tower Defense: participants will be split into 2 teams, one team has to protect the tower killing the besiegers., the other team has to besiege it and kill all the enemies.

The event will be divided into 3 rounds, the teams will be permanent but they will change role (besieger or defender) in every match.
The besiegers will have a direct pathway to the Tower to attack it, but they will have to watch out for the defenders' arrows that come from the tower. Once the besiegers are in the tower, they will have to fight their way up to the top of the tower while the defenders will fight them back with bombs and arrows (swords too).
The team who wins 2 battles will be the final winner and all its players will get a reward of 4 EPIC CAKES.
The rules are: kill the enemy team. Make it so.

That's all, we will wait for you the 24/11/2018 at 4 P.M. / 16:00 (UTC +1)! You will receive further instructions ingame.
Good luck commander.

  • 25th? or 24th? at the end u said 24th.. in start u said 25th confused
  • Probably couldnt be there, have fun peeps! Had enough fun building the tower itself ☺