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    Hello Zockers!

    We're glad to announce a new event that will take place this Saturday 1st December at 5:00 p.m. (UTC +1)!!

    Here is how the event works:

    players will be waiting for the start in a waiting room until the Staff open the doors.

    The Maze

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    Hello players!

    We are glad to announce you that a new event has been organised and will be host the 25th November!
    The event will be Tower Defense: participants will be split into 2 teams, one team has to protect the tower killing the besiegers.,

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    Official Discord Server

    Hey Zockers,

    after multiple requests of players and staff we’ve started an voting within the team regarding a Discord-Server. Today we’ve ended that voting and came to the obvious result that a Discord-Server is wanted and should be added.

    As soon as we came to this conclusion we’ve started creating and developing our very own and official Discord-Server.


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    Happy Easter, Zocker!

    we would like to take this opportunity to give you easter gifts and a chance to win the beloved and exclusive [Cake] Rank!

    1. Everyone can pick up a free cookie rank! Just enter the lobby, talk to the Easter Bunny and