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    Spleef Event 2

    Hello Zocker's!

    Due to the amount of positive reactions on the first spleef event, we will arange another one!
    Get your shovel's ready! Because there will be a fight, only one can be the true spleef-god of MinecraftZocker!
    The Event will be held on: 30 November 2019 / 19:00 (UTC+1)

    Please follow our rules:

    • general server rules such as: don't hack, don't spam, don't flood the chat, don't insult, etc..
    • stay in the lobby until staffs say that you are free to leave.
    • follow staffs' directions.
    • don't escape
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    It's Halloween Time!

    Once a year it's time to buckle up and tremble.

    SkyPvP Map

    Our Build-Team has not spared any efforts to let you experience the best our SkyPvP has to offer.

    This year we have a completely new Map for you to fight on and to let your

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    Hey-ho Zockers!

    Prepare your swords, rods and bows because survival is key! On Saturday 12th October you will be fighting for yourself on the Hunger Games Event!

    We have prepared a special dangerous map for you all to find out who is the strongest

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    Hello there Zockers!

    all of you who have joined today might have already been able to experience our

    newest addition to Zocker:


    We know all of you already are playing with your friends on Zocker and to support

    your gameplay with them we added some features.

    To get you started you can use

    /mz and navigate to friend help"

    /mz help friend to open the page directly

    or just /friends.