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  • Hi, I posted this on this forum because I want to be a staff of this beautiful server.

    I am not that old my age is only 13, but before you Denny me application I want to say that I am serious mature, and I was a helper on a French server but not anymore. It's only been a month I am with the server I know it's not that long. I am interested in the position of staff because I really miss helping Minecraft server and helping good server like this one. What could I bring you was staff? You asked yourself I will advise hacker and exploiter what they're are doing isn't right and they can get ban if they don’t stop, And I I will people them and answer they question. I have calm hobbies, I like to draw, build pixel art on Minecraft and help people in my city.

    I just want to say couple of more thing I mess up my age on my forum page I put 2003 and not 2005 sorry for that and I speak a second language I speak French.