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  • Sword, about change account or switch account, u say if u see me i'll use my brother acc i will get ban and my brother but i can't use this acc anymore because he change the password how i can use this account again he will use it on this server..
    • In the post you said it is your friend's acc. Now it's your brother's? What is the truth? or is there no truth in all this?
  • tamtamtam
  • There are more Staff Applications on your wall than it's own section...
  • Sword hey. i am LuziosYT can you please entbann me? excuse me please :(
  • Sorry didn't know you were about to reply as well
  • Hello everyone! I have decided to apply for staff.

    ????????? ????? ??:

    My name is Varel,I'm 13 years old and i live in Indonesia. I was born on 14th August 2007 in city called Bukittinggi.For my free time i like going out whit my friends,play sports and right now i'm learning video editing

    because i would like to start recording for YouTube.So far i have been doing good in school which is why i can play on mz for 2-3 hours a day.I'm attending technical school in Belgrade.Right now i'm not really sure what am i going to do after that, but i hope that will change soon.

    ?? ????????? ??????:

    8 years ago when a friend of mine showed me his house in minecraft i was amazed, and immediately asked him to download the game on my computer.I quickly told all of my friends about the game, and somehow i made my own minecraft server (i forgot how).We were playing everyday, and after some time we heard about tekkit (minecraft modpack).I rushed to download it and try, but it was too complicated,after some time my dad heard about tekkit, and i invited him to play whit us.My father was a gamer before i was even born so he accepted my request.He quickly learned the basics and taught me how to play.I got bored so i returned to regular minecraft which is how i found minecraft zocker server in 2014.

    ??? ?? ? ???? ?? ?????? ?????:

    I want to provide good experience to everyone on the server without cheaters and rule breakers.


    I'm really good at spotting cheaters

    I'm active both on server and forum

    I like help some people


    I'm rarely active on skyblock and avatar.

    I'm bad at cooking.
    • Again, applications do not belong on my wall. If you wish to apply for staff do so in the staff application section.
  • reply on my staff application plz
  • wanna be staff so i can help pepole begineers im active on fourms and on server when i see hacker i amitedly report it to a staff and i dont like bullying so i love helping begineers i always wanted to be a staff so i dont need to call for help to other staff's and if i see a hacker i will take a picture of them hacking before reporting it in case they leave or stop hacking i would enyoy being staff to help and to protcect basic players and ban hacker becuse i dont think anyone like them but i will always take evidence and if u do accept me dont worry about me doing something im not allowed or banning innocent players i would never ban or report someone for no reason but i will always help and awnser evry question player has
  • Fish you saw that zed carry right 1/15...
  • give me the staff, I will take care of what people say at Zocker if someone says I will ban it
  • Give me the staff, you can not give it to me, please give it to me
  • You decline my staff application all i make all you decline
  • Can you remove __Onix_V3
    • We don't do removing accs, instead we work with lists of accounts that get you an insta ban if you use them.
  • can u disable one of my acc's?
  • I do not think anyone has been as persistent as I did so far
  • Sword i dont will give up cuz i need to kill some peoples ;d
  • Sommige mensen hebben niet alleen gelijk, maar spreken ook daadwerkelijk de waarheid! :) *wink*
  • I see you're still using that profile picture after over a year ;)
  • SwordFishXI hello im a avatar player but got banned quite some time ago maybe around like 5 months ago. i belive i was banned for the wrong reasons and have pictures to proove myself. ive been playing on this server since 2014-15 i belive. ive met federic on avatar when he was not staff.i considered him as a friend until i started messing around with him litterly having jokes with him[i have screenshots of what i did) and then the next minute im perm banned.. please help me out.
    • If you are still banned and have been banned since 5 months ago, you can make an unban request in which you post a screenshot of the ban and the evidence if you have any. If however for some reason you feel like a public unban request will negatively impact your future on the server due to the nature of the evidence/something else I will allow you to make the request in a private conversation with me.
  • can you come skypvp there is a hacker in there...
  • I love your staff team
  • I want to become a member of a staff member my name is Sava I live in Belgrade I have been 13 years old I was a member of a well-known server msm I am still haha. I want to be a good member because there are no staff members at the moment, some are in the server and some violate the rules, and I have nothing to say about it, because it is not allowed. Why is it that I am the person to become a staff member, and that is what I want I become staff.is because I want to help you and your server is my favorite. I know that only the keys are sometimes obtained in Skj Blok and not in the skip for why not in sku pvp and SB. Just have a good day / night.is because I want to help you and your server because i love it and is my new favorite.is because I want to help you and your server is my favorite. I know that only the keys are sometimes obtained in Skj Blok and not in the skip for why not in sku pvp and SB. Just have a good day / night.
  • Hi
    Can u be at ur server
  • omg kawaii i love anime :3
  • Hello, I think I have to tell this to you, since you are the staff leader.
    So the issue is that I am still not whitelisted on the Builders server, however, I got the rank like a week ago. I really want to start working any time soon, I hope you can change this up and let me join the fight for a better server :D
    • Th for bringing this up, it will all be sorted soon
    • Thank you for taking action, I am now on the build server.
      There is a new issue, apperently, I don't have any permissions on here.
  • Do Builders have perma ranks (A.K.A Cookie)? (ERrpr said that I may have it)
  • swrofish can you give subelements? is for a friend pls