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    Hello Zockers,

    we are getting questions about allowed/dissallowed mods more and more frequently. There are a lot of mods out there and listing all allowed mods is not possible.

    In general, all mods that dont give you an unfair advantage, in a competitive manor, are allowed.

    What does dissallowed/unfair mean?

    That means if you and an equally skilled person play against and you win because you got some automations going on, this is considered unfair. This is the case for

    all mods that let you press less buttons for example. Why? Because you simply have to do LESS to achieve the same the other person does. Examples for these

    unfair mods for competitive gameplay are:





    Some of these mods might become "legal" in the future so stay up to date. However you can probably see that these gameplay automations are not fair if it comes

    to competitive gameplay. Since its nearly impossible to proof that someone is using those mods, we can only encourage fair gameplay and hope that you gyus understand

    that we want as much fairness as possible when it comes to third party applications.

    Allowed Mods:

    Mods that dont enhance competitive gameplay.

    - All cosmetic mods, like custom capes, heads, skins, texture and sounds...

    - Recipe mods, NEI, JEI, waila, ...

    - Optifine, translators, ...

    Mods that mimic MinecraftZocker mechanics are allowed, but not recommended:

    - Health indicators

    - playernames

    - armour hud

    Mods that mimic vanilla Minecraft features are allowed but use at own risk (if you get banned by anticheat you might not be unbanned)

    - Toggle sprint (not to be confused with the auto-sprint hack)

    - Toggle sneak (not to be confused with the auto-sneak hack)

    - Potion effects HUD

    Recommended Mods:

    Mods that are frequently used, dont give an unfair advantage and help you enjoy the gameplay.

    - Forge Modloader

    - Optifine

    - JEI

    - Waila (1.8-1.9.X) / Hwyla (1.10+)


    We cannot guarantee that the Server is compatible with "Mod X" or Modlauncher "Y" or any sort of special launcher. We are sure that playing with the recommended mods on the VANILLA (Default) launcher wont have an impact on our anticheat or mechanics. In general, download mods form save websites such as Curseforge or Planet minecraft, Dont use unknow websites malicious version could be uploaded. Again you are responsible on your own for downloading any mod.


    Q: Is Mod "X" allowed?

    A: Please read this post thoroughly. If you have serious concerns that your mod is not allowed then dont use it. We cant check each and every mod.

    Q: Everyone uses Mod "X" why cant i use it on MZ?

    A: We are encouraging fair gameplay and even though some mods are frequently used they dont comply with our understanding of "fair-play"

    Q: "xNoobSlayer1337Xx is using mod "X" please ban

    A: It's almost impossible to proof. If you are absolutely sure, then keep in mind that he is using tools because he is not good enough to play without.

    Q: Can you add Mod "Z" to recommended?

    A: The Recommended Mods are carefully chosen and we can't check all mods. We will however check more and more mods and compabilities and might update this list.

    Q: When will Mod "Y" be added to allowed?

    A: Maybe never, maybe tomorrow. Just follow this Post.

    Q: ... ?

    A: Use your brains and afterwards ask a Staff. They will contact the management and give you an answer.

    MZ Public Devlog #3

    A bit late but better late than never.


    • Changes to Network-Communication to further improve the performance:
      • Highly perfomant cross-server data sync
    • NEW Command (Skypvp): /kits -> You can use your crumbs to buy one of the Following Kits:
    Name Content Cost
    Starter Wooden_Sword, Bow, 12x Apple, 32x Arrow FREE
    Bow Master Wooden Sword, Bow (Power 3, Punch 2, Unbreaking II, Knockback I)
    5x Golden Apple, 32 x Arrow, 2x Potion of Instant Healing
    Chain Armor Set
    Tank Stone Axe (Sharpness I, Unbreaking I), 5x Golden Apple, Iron Helmet (Protection I)
    Iron Leggings (Protection I) ,Iron Boots (Protection I), Diamond Chestplate (Proj. Protection III)
    Mage Iron Sword, Bow, 2x Potion of Instant Health II ,Chain Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Gold Leggings, Iron Boots, 32x Arrow 150

    • NEW Auction house (Skypvp): Trade your precious items.
      • Use /auc start on item in hand
      • select the price
      • select the increment for each bid
      • select how long the item will be listed
    • Avatar MAP uploaded -> Enjoy the new Avatar map:
      • Warp via Portal and NPCs
      • Select your bending using a npc or command
      • Arena's
      • 4 handcraftet Nations arround a Central Spawn Area
      • NEW Avatar Stats, equivalent to those on Skypvp
    • Utility:
      • reworked /tp, /tpa, /tpaccept, /gm, /spectate (Staff only),
    • Creative
      • Plots got reset
      • Added NPCs:

        • New Head Shop: Buy >15.000 Different Heads using crumbs (Sorted by Categories!)
          • Additional Category: "interior" for cookie, biscuit, pie and cake
          • Free for Pie and Cake
      • Claim Plot: Click to auto-asign a plot

    • Money Gain/Loss on Skypvp:
      • USE your money! The more money you carry the more you loose
      • The higher your streak the more money you'll recieve
    • Skypvp Stats:
      • Added current streak and Top-Streak (current resets on disconnect!)
      • Scoreboard Rework: Inkluding Opponent-Info in fights
    • Voting:
      • Added Vote-Jackpot: Every Vote has a tiny chance to win a Huge amount of crumbs
      • Chance to win additional crumbs
      • chance to win additional rare cake
      • small chance to win epic cake


    • Skypvp stats now work properly
    • Avatar Combos WORK!
    • Fixed mayor issue regarding Database connections (unintentionally had 100.000 simultaneuos connections (not an actual problem, but fixed))
    • Admins (>=Manager) Dont show on the lists anymore (/staffs, /cookies, /builders ,[...])
    • Crumbs for new players reduced to 1.000
    • 5 Minute-Wait: Fixed issue where registered players couldnt write even after 5 minutes

    Known Bugs

    • Ignorelist not working
    • /rank sometimes doesnt work

    MZ Public Devlog #2


    • a few necessary additions and tweaks to MZ-Core
    • Completely renewed Team- and Userlists:
      • New Command: /staffs to show staffs and click on the name to instantly ask for help
      • New Command: /builders show a list of all online Builders
      • New Commands: /cookies, /biscuits, /pies, /cakes show a list of all online users with that rank (Player has to be in the group to use)
    • New Feature:
      • Player-Ignoring:
        • new Command: /block <player> to block a user from sending /msg to you
        • Staffs can not ignore Users
        • Users can't ignore Staffs
        • New Command: /unblock <player> to unblock a Player
        • New Command: /blocklist show a list of all your blocked players. (Click on the name to unblock)
      • SugarChat:
        • Use a "-" at the start of your message to talk in SugarChat (cookie, biscuit, pie or Cake needed)
    • /ping /msg & /reply renewed


    • reduced the cooldown of starterkit on skypvp even more (12 minutes instead of 15)
    • removed plugins that are no longer requiered due to complete integration in MZ-Core
    • Fixed Eco-Data Synchronizing
    • Fixed Random connect to Gameserver instead of lobby (mostly)
    • tweaked Anticheat ->less false kicks
    • SkyPvP Map back to normal

    Known Bugs

    • Crumbs sometimes dont save
    • Avatar Combos don't always work -> bugfix scheduled


    MZ Public Devlog #1


    • new Minecraftzocker Core. Basically a centralized interface for data-handling and -distribution. Provides a vast amount of functionalities to make future Development easier
    • new Database-structure, more organised structure includes a complete recreation of all Minecraftzocker Data, includes Data-Migration
    • new Authentification plugin. Includes Antibot, Antispam, cracked authentification, session-handling, premium authentification and more.
    • new centralized Economy, prepare for a lot of things to use it for!


    • decreased amount of enderpearls from Kits on Skypvp
    • reduced the cooldown of the starter-kit on Skypvp
    • Crumbs have been set to 10.000 for all Players
    • Slightly increased the chance of ranks in Mystery-Cakes

    Known Bugs

    • Economy-Data does not always synchronize across gameservers -> bugfix scheduled
    • Avatar Combos don't always work -> bugfix scheduled
    • Players randomly connect to skypvp instead of lobby first -> in investigation
    • High rate of complaints for false-positive-kicks of anticheat -> in investigation

    Quick Information about the Forums:

    The FOrums are not 100% finished yet. And some of our Staff and Architects have gotten their rank just temporarily.

    Architects: Acrhitects recieved the Test-Staff Rank until we finished the Architect Rank

    Staff+: Staff+ Recieved The Staff Rank until we`ve finished the Staff ranks.

    Sorry if this has caused confusions.