MinecraftZocker Network In-Game Rules

  • The MinecraftZocker Server is a fun environment for all sorts of players to play on. Therefore we have rules that we expect everyone to abide by, with no exceptions. By choosing to play on the server you agree to obey the rules listed below.

    1. Use appropriate language

    2. Do not spam

    3. Do not abuse bugs

    4. Do not cheat or hack ( this includes auto-clicker and macros), if you're unsure about a mod feel free to ask. For Allowed/Disallowed Mods click HERE

    5. Do not advertise

    6. Multi-accounting / Account Sharing

    7. Dodging punishments

    8. Portal blocking

    9. Traps

    10. Item spam

    11. Tpa-spam

    12. Spawncamping

    13. Offensive builds

    14. Redstone clocks

    16. Respect the staff and building teams

    17. Do not impersonate staff

    18. Player and account safety

    19. Scamming is not allowed

    20. Real Money Trades


    The MZ team


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