Forums Rules

  • Hello folks,

    In order to keep our community a safe and happy place, we request that you follow these rules to maintain the integrity of the website.
    Failure to comply with these rules will result in a punishment ranging from a tempban to a permanent ban.

    1. Use appropriate language (Show respect towards other users and don't be rude)
    2. Do not spam other user's walls or threads.
    3. Make sure to post your threads in the right section
    4. Double posts are strictly prohibited
    5. Do not upload inappropriate or offensive videos/pictures
    6. Create one account only

    The MZ team

  • Quick Information about the Forums:

    The FOrums are not 100% finished yet. And some of our Staff and Architects have gotten their rank just temporarily.

    Architects: Acrhitects recieved the Test-Staff Rank until we finished the Architect Rank

    Staff+: Staff+ Recieved The Staff Rank until we`ve finished the Staff ranks.

    Sorry if this has caused confusions.