TeamSpeak Rules [EN]

  • Hello folks,

    You can find some rules that you must follow if you want to be part of the Teamspeak community here. In the event that you don't follow them, you might get kicked or temp/perma-banned.

    Teamspeak IP

    1. Cursing and insulting is prohibited
    2. Musicbots are not allowed.
    3. Consistently joining and leaving the channels is not allowed (Channel spam)
    4. Inappropriate names and avatars are forbidden
    5. Racism and molestation of any kind is prohibited
    6. Spamming is forbidden
    7. Using different identities or IP's to avoid bans is prohibited
    8. Advertising is not allowed
    9. Voice changers are forbidden
    10. Faking famous people, youtubers or other users is prohibited
    11. Proxies and VPN's are prohibited

    The MZ team

    I Englished better.

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