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    MinecraftZocker new Forum is here!

    Hey zockers,

    Welcome to our new forum! We hope you quickly find your way around. We will keep you up to date and inform you about any changes regarding to the upcoming update for minecraftzocker.net

    Small teaser:

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  • _Akabane_

    Liked ChanTeo’s post in the thread Forums Rules [EN].
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    Quick Information about the Forums:

    The FOrums are not 100% finished yet. And some of our Staff and Architects have gotten their rank just temporarily.

    Architects: Acrhitects recieved the Test-Staff Rank until we finished the Architect Rank
  • _Akabane_

    Wrote a comment on MBMeister3711’s wall.
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    Happy birthday, congratz for surviving for 3 years in this miserable world ;)
  • _Akabane_

    Wrote a comment on Alendite’s wall.
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    Why you still taco when Oel ain't barrel no more? Did you bribe?
  • Junior

    Replied to a comment by ErrorMinecraft on Hara’s wall.
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  • ErrorMinecraft

    Wrote a comment on Hara’s wall.
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    Looks like i missed your birthday :( hope the epic axe was a good gift for you
  • FedericoIV

    Wrote a comment on FedericoIV’s wall.
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    So, new way to get FlyBug on Avatar: Tornado and click many times shift to get it while in air.
    Another issue to list D:
  • ChanTeo

    Replied to a comment by oel (retired) on ludgart’s wall.
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    Bekommst den wieder. Bin am Einrichten der Ränge und Priorität liegt zuerst bei den funktioniellen Rängen.
  • ludgart

    Replied to a comment by oel (retired) on ludgart’s wall.
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    Ich habe es ChanTeo gesagt, aber er wollte nicht. Ich werde mal gucken
  • _Akabane_

    Replied to a comment by FedericoIV on _Akabane_’s wall.
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