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  • DiabloLTU

    Wrote a comment on LeqitPandaLu’s wall.
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    Hello,can u explain why i got unfairly banned on my account DiabloLTU yesterday? First of all i did not have any hacks like Antiknockback for which i got banned.Second i woud want proof that i was hacking and Third please unban me.
  • CroatianEnderman

    Replied to a comment by CroatianEnderman on Malt’s wall.
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  • DiabloLTU

    Wrote a comment on ChanTeo’s wall.
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    Hello ChanTeo,i was playing today SKyPVP and i got for anti knockback. First of all i dont even have any hacks, second why u do this to people, and third coud u show me a proff of hacking? Thanks, I woud like to be unbaned
  • Kayrex

    Replied to a comment by LeqitPandaLu on Kayrex’s wall.
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